The Ugly Reflection

By Sam Kaye

March forward now, little boy.
Come on, face the wall.
'Cos you've been gobbing off again,
Swearing and all.

I'm not saying you're a failure,
You're just not worth the strife.
So run along, back home little boy,
And think about your life.

You're crying again, for God's sake,
Did I say something bad?
Try growing up a little bit
It's time to be a man.

Walk a few miles in my shoes,
Get some mud on your face.
'Cos this world will eat you alive;
You're a goddamn disgrace.

So what, you think you can fight me?
You really think you could win?
I'm just your reflection little boy,
The one here with the grin.

© 2017 Sam Kaye
Thanet Writers