Lady Gotton

By Sam Kaye

Lady Gotton is really rather swish,
some might even say she's a bit of a dish,
but Lady Gotton has a well known problem,
Lady Gotten has got a rotten bottom.

She demands respect when she enters the room,
but she'll soon clear it, with her vile bottom plume,
you try not to judge as you're made from better stuff,
but you'll be feeling rough, once you've smelt her guff.

She'll dine for one and drink the finest wines,
but the night before, she'd eaten bloody Heinz!
And her stomach grumbles and her buttocks rumble,
..suddenly, the place is rather fungal.

Just last week, she was cooking her beans,
when a terrible foe escaped from her jeans,
and now Lady Gotton is in the papers,
after igniting the house with her toxic vapors!

© 2017 Sam Kaye
Thanet Writers